Paper Fashion 2016

As usual, this post is waayyyy over due, but here are some photos of my design from the 2016 Art Directors Club of Denver’s Paper Fashion Show. This design is titled “Under Pressure,” and is inspired by the idea of coal turning into diamonds. It takes immense pressure to turn something as mundane as coal into a diamond. Similarly, as a team of artists and designers, we work under a great deal of pressure to transform paper into fashion.

Top Looks from ADCD’s 12th Annual Paper Fashion Show

Paper Fashion 2016

It’s that time of year again…the paper fashion show swatch book pick-up is less than a week away!! This will be my fourth year participating in the show, and my fifth design, and I really think it is going to be the best yet. After taking the last year off to celebrate my brother’s wedding to his beautiful wife (the show was the same weekend), I have had extra time to sketch, experiment, and plan for this year’s design. I want to keep some element of surprise for the final design, but I will be posting updates on our progress over the next few months so check back every now and then!


By the way, the show is April 22nd in Denver, CO. More info can be found at